Our Founder

Jason Gray is an OG software geek and modern renaissance man. He is an entrepreneur, a software developer, an accountant, an administrator and an artist. Though his skills are broad, they are focused on a singular idea of providing integrity-driven excellence to his customers.

His aptitude for programming was evident at an early age in 1983 when he won a nation-wide competition. Since then, his love of software development has grown into superior expertise and deep experience as a solution designer, product manager, architect, coder and database designer. Back in the days of mainframes and DOS, he designed and built production management software and worked on robotic quality-control and automation. In the earliest days of the web when it was mostly static text, he deployed robust data-driven Java applications. While leading a team for a large bank, he was an early adopter of Microsoft’s .Net framework and has since made it his focus. He has a mastery of the use and automation of Microsoft Excel, Access and the other Office applications.

Through his work on business systems, Jason discovered his affinity for accounting and for over two decades he has a successful history of rolling up his sleeves and turning haphazard boxes of paper into bullet-proof GAAP-compliant books. As a controller, he has managed the financial operations of an array of business structures including corporations, partnerships and non-profits. For well over a decade, he has worked with QuickBooks as both an end-user and a software developer, automating many accounting functions and optimizing bookkeeping methods.

Jason’s excellent business acumen is largely the result of his long list of clients and is also bolstered by his love of frugality and efficiency. His personality is driven by a desire to be helpful and constantly learning. He is a results-driven project manager who bullishly pushes to come in early and under budget. Having worked with all sizes of companies and institutions, Jason prefers the dynamic world of small-to-medium sized business and start-ups where he can learn the most while having the most impact. Though his technical skills are focused in software and finance, his passion is the art of business itself.