Application Development
Application Development
Web, Desktop, Mobile & Much More
We Make Tools, Not Toys

With app stores overflowing with every manner of digital distraction imaginable, it’s easy to get a headache from the noise of all those bells and whistles. It seems every week someone is trying to tell you that their new ‘killer app’ is going to solve all your problems, though you feel more overwhelmed than ever before.

Our mission is to cut through the noise and use our technical skills to give your business the tools it needs to succeed, to make your company more profitable and your mind more peaceful. Our purpose is to build solutions to make you more efficient, saving you money and reducing your stress.

Even though businesses may have much in common with each other, no solution is like another, so we strive to remain open-minded and listen to our client’s needs rather than trying to push them into signing on to what we think the coolest hot technology is.

Web, Desktop, Mobile

As the great architect and “father of skyscrapers” Louis Henry Sullivan said, form follows function — your business needs determine the form your solution takes.

We can build websites, desktop programs, mobile apps and more depending on what best serves your business. We have made internal development tools that allow us to produce various types of user interfaces from a single application codebase. That way, solutions that may involve a combination of platforms are integrated from their inception. Rather than approaching the problem as building three different things – a website, a desktop program and a mobile app – we build a single overall application that has different interfaces depending on the needs of the company and its customers.

We Won’t Over-Sell You

It is quite possible, however, that after reviewing your needs, we are able to find a stable solution that involves off-the-shelf software like Microsoft Office. Selling customers something they don’t need is never good for business whereas solving clients’ problems in a rapid and cost-effective way always is.

That’s why we say that we develop solutions – not just software.

Into the Beyond

We also create background services, Internet-of-Things (IoT) programs, conversational bots, web crawlers, page scrapers and numerous other applications beyond the sandard web, desktop and mobile paradigms.

We’re Grey-Hairs at the Dev Game

At the end of the 1980s, we used Pascal as our OOP language of choice to build production management software. Our web application development experience goes back to the mid-90s with a Java-based online searchable directory just as the war with Netscape and Internet Explorer was heating up. In 2002, we were early-adopters of Microsoft .NET, using it to build specialized credit analysis software for farm loans. For the desktop and web, Microsoft .NET remains our preferred framework, though we are expert in a number of other languages.