Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Real-Time KPI Dashboards for Businesses of Any Size
Flying Blind?

How confident would you be driving a car cross-country with no dashboard? Yet, most business owners do essentially the same thing every day with their companies.

The good news is that today we have a number of excellent tools for creating informative business intelligence dashboards with real-time data feeds so you can keep an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) and respond to business conditions rapidly and intelligently.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s KPI dashboard product, Power BI, integrates data from literally hundreds of different potential sources. Don’t let the Microsoft name lead you to assume that it only plays well with Microsoft Office, Sharepoint and SQL Server. Power BI is programmable on the .NET Framework which allows it to be automated in any way imaginable and allows it to consume data from virtually any source including Oracle, SAP, AWS, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Snowflake, Impala as well as files, relational databases, OLAP systems, social networks and virtually any other source imaginable.

Power BI solutions can be deployed in the Power BI desktop application, on the web or in mobile applications so your KPIs are always in reach. Dashboards can be customized for specific teams or users, keeping their eyes on the prize and away from sensitive data.

The Power BI tools and data source ecosystem allow us to create polished and informative business intelligence solutions extremely rapidly and affordably. SMBs can leverage the knowledge tools that big companies have had for years to be nimble and efficient.

Google Data Studio

For our clients who prefer the Google ecosystem to Microsoft, we can develop BI solutions using Google Data Studio. Comparable to Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio can consume data from a huge variety of sources and aggregate into any format that is helpful to decisions-makers. Automation is developed using Google Apps Script, a JavaScript-based engine that is the same used for automating and customizing Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Presentations.

As with Power BI, custom dashboards can be developed based on user role. Google Data Studio is available as part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and requires that each user is part of the company’s Google Workspace subscription.

Other Platforms

Although Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio seem to be the best fits for most of our clients, they are not the only options. All BI tools provide essentially the same functionality, though they may vary in the data they are able to consume, the graphing elements they have to offer and the rapidness with which solutions can be deployed.

Other notable platforms which we can customize are IBM Cognos, SAP BI, Tableau, Yellowfin, Microstrategy, Zoho, SAS, Systum (ERP tool with BI functionality) and Looker.

Many of our clients business intelligence needs have been easily met with Microsoft Excel.


In some cases, businss intelligence functionality is needed in applications or websites without depending on an external tool like those menioned above. We are able to build custom dashboard widgets to be embedded in any solution.