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The oxFramework is a foundation for rapidly building robust applications for any number of ecosystems. It takes care of virtually all architectural aspects of the development process, allowing developers to focus on business requirements.

A business object layer based on the oxFramework inherits capabilities for data persistence, business rules, state versioning, granular security, error handling, inter-modular messaging, GraphQL-based APIs, multiple configuration strategies, aspect-oriented programming, IoT interaction and more.

Client user interfaces can be defined via an abstraction API that allows for automated generation of multiple UI implementations including ASP.Net Core 3 websites, .Net Core 3 WPF GUIs, desktop and server CLIs, Dart/Flutter, Xamarin, Electron, Ionic, PhoneGap, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress and more to come.

It also includes an OEM tool to manage licensing and code security.


oxSapient makes creating stunning customized UIs fast and straightforward. The web implementation exploits the most advanced features of Dart-Sass, providing customization through setting the values of Sass variables. Likewise, the XAML implementation exposes the same variables for customizing desktop UIs. Dark-mode and skinning are available out-of-the-box.


oxCore is a set of basic libraries that handle all manner of common programming needs including program architecture, robust collections, language extensions, communication (FTP, IRC, SSH, etc.), code generation, security, IoT and much more. Its APIs are implemented both in .Net Core 3 and TypeScript.


oxDev is a development tool that wrangles other development tools. It allows developers to focus on a single setup through its JSON-based configuration. It then manages local and remote source control repositories, package managers, builders, lanugage configuration and much more. It scaffolds projects based on settings provided for the languages, frameworks, and other libraries the project will use as well as the platforms and runtime environments under which the project will run. Its configuration file is extensible allowing for common enterprise-wide settings to be saved in a common file that is referenced from a project’s file to maintain consistency among projects and reduce repetition.

It manages, among others, configuration and scaffolding for Git, SVN, Mercurial, NPM, Composer, Symfony, Bower, Webpack, Parcel, Yarn, MSBuild, DotNet, Figma, Yeoman, TypeScript, React, Dart, Vue, Sass, WordPress, Gulp, SlushJS, Lineman, ignore files (.gitignore, .npmignore, etc.)


Built on the oxFramework, oxPIM is a Personal Information Management module that supplies any oxFramework application with powerful organization tools including calendars, contacts, email, chat, projects, tasks, notes, journals and much more. These functionalities are the cornerstone of any must-use business application.


Another powerful module for oxFramework applications, oxGL provides full general ledger accounting functionality along with all of the accounting modules a business may require such as banking, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, fixed assets and much more. Developed with experienced accountants, oxGL is GAAP-compliant out-of-the-box.

oxGL extends oxPIM for its contacts (e.g., customers, vendors, contractors, employees), calendars (e.g., tax deadlines, invoice due dates), tasks, etc, so there is no data wall between general-use organization information and the accounting package. This lets sales and purchasing teams share live data wtih the accounting team.


With the power of oxGL as its backbone, oxPOS is a multi-mode point-of-sale module that includes both eCommerce and cash register interfaces. POS data is integrated with the overall GL data so there is no need for imports or end-of-day postings. This keeps KPIs fresh and management dashboards as close to real-time as possible.


IT departements have used trouble ticket systems for decades to stay on top of issues and document the efforts taken to resolve them. This issue management techique is not just useful for technicians. Every business can benefit by tracking its activities in the conversational nature of support tickets. oxSupport is a versatile ticketing system based on the oxFramework and extending oxPIM that works well for IT teams as well as customer service representatives and management teams.


Integrate your application with QuickBooks in a natural code-friendly way. Built for .NET developers, the oxQBI library takes away the awkwardness and nukes the learning curve for C# and VB.Net developers to integrate solutions with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.


SugarCRM, the highly popular and flexible CRM tool became closed-source after many years of being the most popular open-source CRM. SuiteCRM is a fork of SugarCRM that continues the open-source, community-driven development alive.

oxSuiteMoney adds the financial modules that it lacks including time and cost billing, expense reports, mileage and much more of the financial functions that are necessary for a complete CRM solution.