Application Integration
Application Integration
Orchestrate Your Apps
Why Can’t My Apps All Get Along?

They can. The online services you use along with your desktop applications can all be integreated easily to share information and trigger automated actions.

A number of services exist that we can use to weave together the data and activity in all your apps. The most popular of these are Zapier, IFTTT (If Then Then That), Microsoft PowerAutomate (formerly Flow), Integromat, Automate.io and Workato. We can also build custom integrations that do no not rely on these third-party platforms by writing tools that make these API calls directly.

Scenario 1: Task Awareness

Imagine it… A member of your team updates a Trello card after completing a task. This triggers a notification into a Slack channel announcing that the task is completed. A reminder is also created in your Google Calendar to follow up and review the work product. A task is added to your Outlook tasks to thank the team member. Another task is added to Google Tasks just in case you miss the one in Outlook.

Sounds complicated? With integration tools it’s easy and all happens automatically while you stay focused.

Scenario 2: Document Responsiveness

Your salesperson gets a contract completed and uploads it to Google Drive. This triggers an integration routine that adds the information from the contract to Hubspot CRM.

The customer information is added to QuickBooks Online and the invoice for the deposit is generated and emailed to the new client. A task is added to the accounts receivable manager’s Toggl tasks list to review the invoice. A follow-up reminder is added to the accounts receivable manager’s Outlook calendar.

The salesperson uses Wunderlist to track tasks, so the sales follow-up task gets added there. A hard-copy is printed to the administrative assistant’s printer using Google Cloud Print.

Scenario 3: Social Ninja

Your Instagram post gets a like. An integration responds by sending a request to complete a questionnaire on SurveyMonkey. The responses to the questionnaire indicate that this person may be interested in a product that your company is developing so they are added to an announcement list in MailChimp and to an Eventbrite invitation for the webinar planned on the product’s launch date.

Voice Control

We can create integrations that respond to Google Assisitant and Alexa. Just speak the command to your device, and we’re off the to the races. “Ok Google. Do my bidding.”

It’s a Jungle of Apps Out There, But We Can Tame It

It seems like there are infinite apps creating little silos of information, but we’ll have them working together as though they are a single tool. Types of apps that can be integrated include social media, website analytics, project management, task management, accounting, bug tracking, contacts, email, mailing lists, databases, dev-ops, file storage, human resources, text messaging, spreadsheets, time tracking and much more.

The following represent only the tip of the iceburg of apps that can be integrated.

Custom Relation Mangement (CRM): HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, AgileCRM, Insightly, Close, FreshSales, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, ConnectWise, SugarCRM, Leadfeeder, VTiger, Addinity, Act!, Odoo.

Accounting: QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Wave, FreshBooks, Zoho Books, lexoffice, Oodo, DEAR, bkper.

Marketing:: Facebook (Lead Ads, Custom Audience, Offline Conversations), LinkedIn (Lead Generation Forms, Matched Audiences), Instagram (Lead Ads, Custom Audiences), Google Analytics, Google Ads, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Calendar:: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange,

Files & Documents: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, box, CloudConvert, Amazon S3, FTP, Stash, Egnyte

Dashboards:: Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, Databox, Cyfe, Dasheroo, ProfitWell,