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WordPress Wizardry

Approximately one-third of websites are built on WordPress. Even big-named sites like Walt Disney, Time, The New York Times, The New Yorker, BBC America , Variety, Sony Music, Microsoft News Center, Harvard Gazette, Mercedes Benz, The Rolling Stones and our home-girl and personal goddess, Beyoncé.

However, WordPress has its flaws. Many sites are built by web designers – not web developers – who do not know how to make sure a site is secure, stable, efficient and SEO-optimized. Most designers simply customize off-the-shelf themes and plugins and lack the ability to create custom functionality or repair issues found in off-the-shelf components.

We are developers who are well versed on the core code that runs WordPress and the best practices for extending and deploying WordPress-based sites.


We are experienced theme developers and create custom themes from the ground up that include virtually any functionality needed. Instead of creating a site that looks like just another WordPress site, we can create a unique innovative site that expresses a client’s brand far better than the cookie-cutter sites so many companies have.

If a client has an existing site using a third-party theme or prefers to use a third-party theme to keep development time and costs to a minimum, we can extend and shore-up third-party themes to add functionality, ensure security, optimize performance and repair errors.

We have repaired numerous sites that used third-party themes that were not well-maintained. One of the major problems with using store-bought themes is that their developers often discontinue maintenance which leaves a site vulnerable to attackers and bugs. Because they do not have a direct relationship with the users of their themes, many retail theme developers do not feel an obligation to support their themes long-term.


Any functionality that a site requires is possible through the use of plug-ins. We develop custom plug-ins to add specialized abilities to a WordPress-based site.

As with themes, there are a huge number of plug-ins provided by other developers that you can use to quickly add functionality, but these present the same issues as off-the-shelf themes in that many are not well-maintained and create security or performance problems because they are not built using best practices to ensure efficiency and reliability. We can patch existing plugins to improve security and performance.


Most WordPress sites are riddled with security holes that make it easy for a hacker to do all manner of nefarious things such as take down the site, hijack the site behind the scenes to use it for other malicious activity, or mine the site for users, passwords and other sensitive data. There are freely available databases of exploits that a hacker can use against WordPress-based websites.

We know all the tricks. We’re experienced on locking down a site to keep the bad guys out. We perform penetration testing to identify the security weaknesses in a site that a hacker might exploit. We then patch those holes to make your site difficult to hack.

The first thing a hacker will do is look at the source code of your site which can immediately identify the site as a WordPress site and expose the theme and plugins that are in use. This allows a hacker to know which exploits they might use to break in. We use techniques that hide the fact that a site is running on WordPress and prevent the source code giving away the themes and plugin in use.

Hackers look for sites that are easy to break into. There are a number of techniques that we deploy to to harden a site and make it too much work for a hacker to bother.


The time it takes a web page to load has a direct impact on its ranking in Google (SEO) and whether a visitor will wait for the page to load or click away to look at something else.

WordPress is huge. Added to that, most themes are huge. Then plugins add even more work for the server to do before it can return a page to the user. This is one of the main complaints that experienced web developers have about WordPress.

We use tools that allow us to test the speed of your site from servers all over the world. These are the same metrics that Google uses when deciding how to rank your page in search results. Google AdWords has a maximum load time and will kick your site out of the program if it does not load within that time.

We have a number of methods we can use to make your site faster and overcome this weakness in WordPress and the themes and plugins used to extend it.


Things are constantly changing. As vulnerabilities are found in WordPress, themes and plugins, new versions are released that fix these weaknesses. In order to keep a site secure and optimized, it must be regularly monitored to ensure that it has the most recent versions available.

Servers can get bogged down with log files, large images and other data that can slow the site’s ability to load or create bugs that impact the site’s functionality. Regularly optimizing a site ensures that it continues to have good load times and remains free of bugs.

It is also important that backups are made regularly and stored in a secure location other than the server on which the site is running.

We use the latest monitoring tools to keep an eye on the WordPress sites in our care and we are proactive about maintenance and responding to performance issues and updates.

Other CMSs

Although WordPress has the largest market share of Content Management Systems, it is not the only game in town. We have experience with Joomla, Drupal, Django, DotNetNuke, Wix, Magento and many others.